Electro-hydraulic drive system


Travel lift is a special kind of gantry crane. It mainly includes two types, marine travel lift and construction travel lift, with the former type being more popular. Travel hoist cranes are mainly used for lifting boats from water, lowering boats into water, transporting and maintaining boats on land. It is also used for transporting long-sized material.


Two self-propelled boat hoists with a load-bearing capacity of 100 t and 600 t are used for lifting and placing vessels on a servicing platform covering an area of 20,000 m2, and two self-propelled conveyors with the lifting capacity of 300 t and 60 t.

maximum security and reliability

Launch or haul vessels
with stability and efficiency

Boat Lift travel lifts provide maximum security and reliability from the largest shipyard to the smallest mom-and-pop marina.

Machines are equipped with 4-wheel independent steering that allows a perfect alignment of wheels under all conditions. 90° steering also ensures excellent maneuverability, allowing flawless functionality even in very confined spaces. Controlled by motorized slewing bearings, this enclosed steering system minimizes exposure to the harsh marine environment for years of trouble-free operation.